Guitarist, Composer, Guitar Teacher, Author.


Panos is a composer with an abundant portfolio comprised of several musical productions, personal albums, and live shows. Over the past 15 years of activity, he has collaborated with many artists, contributed electric guitars in many albums, carried session recordings and has published guitar instructional books. He teaches Guitar for more than a decade and holds an Associate Diploma of the London College of Music, with teaching skills, RGT Tutor – certified partner in Greece the British Educational Organization Registry of Guitar Tutors with experience in the preparation and completion (Grade 8) of the RGT by students exam.

The lessons are addressed to all ages and all levels and they are adjusted in order to fit the needs and the pace of each student. The lessons are suitable for those who want to take up guitar for pleasure and learn modern music or want to have a complete knowledge regarding techniques – theory – improvisation, in the Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk and Greek music repertoire – in the style of various important and favorite guitarists and artists.

For those who seek to obtain a certified diploma of electric guitar from the London College of Music, a specific course outline is followed, for exam preparation, in cooperation with the Registry of Guitar Tutors in Greece association. All courses take place in a suitably arranged and fully equipped teaching space. Students do not necessarily have to bring their instruments and equipment and do not have to buy any books, since all the required material (notes, etc) is provided There is also the possibility for Home Lessons.

Panos Malahias is Guitarist, Composer, Guitar Teacher, Author. Arranger and Music Producer.
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