Guitarist, Composer, Guitar Teacher, Author.


Panos Malahias is guitarist, composer/songwriter, guitar teacher, author of educational books. He is also RGT Tutor, collaborator of 'Registry of Guitar Tutors' exams in Greece and music producer/arranger. He has collaborated with distinguished artists (Miltos Pashalidis, Gerasimos Andreatos, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Violeta Ikari, Aspasia Stratigou, Vasilis Gisdakis, Vasilis Prodromou and others...)

Classical Guitar and Flamenco guitar studies (1992 – 2006).
RGT – LCM on Electric Guitar – Grade 8 (2006).
Popular Theory LCM – Grade 8 (2008).
Diploma of the London College of Music – (DipLCM / TD) (2011).
Associate Diploma of the London College of Music – (ALCM / TD) (2012).

He distinguished with Costas Striftos for the song ” City of Sin ” of Rockin ‘Dead, which was ranked among the TOP 5 FINALISTS in the ROCK category in the international composition contest AMERICAN SONGWRITING AWARDS 2015.
4th place in the RED LIVE CONTEST 2017 of RED FM 96.3 radio with The Rockin’ Dead band.
He composed the music for children’s theater about healthy nutrition ” I neraidohora twn trofwn” (the land with nymphs and food) whose presented at Athens Intercultural Education High School (2009).
He gives seminars about electric guitar and he organized the Workshop-Seminar on Electric Guitar called as ”Guitar Workshop” with lectures, presentations, live performances by distinguished professors of modern music and electric guitar (2011).
He has also composed music for Concerto for two Violins, Cello and Electric Guitar.

-CD ‘’Portraita apo sinithia’’ (Portraits by habit) singers: Nikos Bournelis/Katerina Skreki.
Music, lyrics, arrangements, production. (Musicmirror CD, Achordomusic Digital - 2007).
-CD ‘O Vasilias tis aftapatis’’ (‘’The king of illusion’’) singer: Stelios Pavlou (feat. Vasilis Gisdakis).
Music, arrangements, production. (RSP CD, Warner music/Achordomusic Digital - 2012).
-CD‘’Poia zoi den exei lathi’’ (‘’Which life has no mistakes’’) feat. Vasilis Gisdakis & Costas Striftos.
Vocals, Music, lyrics, arrangements, production. (RSP CD - 2018).
-Book/CD ''Perastikoi ki evgnomones'' (''passers-by and grateful'')
feat. Miltos Pashalidis, Gerasimos Andreatos, Violeta Ikari, Aspasia Stratigou, Vasilis Gisdakis, Vasilis Prodromou,
Nikos Bournelis, Makis Psaradellis, Michalis Polichronakis (Achordomusic - 2022).

-He participates in composing and producing for the single” City of Sin” by the ‘Rockin ‘Dead’ band, in collaboration with Costas Striftos (RSP digital distributor 2013).
-Release, orchestration, record of CD ” Here comes the darkness” (as a member) of The Rockin’ Dead.
Music and arrangements by Panos, lyrics and produced by Costas Striftos (RSP 2016).
-Release of CD ” Sparks” (as a member) of Ekofields (Pan Vox 2009).
-Release of Digital Multisingle Panagiotis Nikolaou ‘’Kommatia ginan ta logia’’ (Pieces were words) with his own songs (Achordomusic 2014).
-Music and lyrics for Theologos Kappos CD ‘’Ypogeia diavasi’’ (subways), feat. Anastasia Moutsatsou (Protasis music 2012).

-‘’The Modal System and how to make riffs over modes’’ (RSP 2013 / Achordomusic 2019)
-”Blues Guitar” (RSP 2015 / Achordomusic 2019)
-”Fundamental & Contemporary Techniques of Electric Guitar” (RSP 2016 / Achordomusic 2019)
-''Electric Guitar Method Achordo Music Education'' - 9 books/grades (Achordomusic 2019)
Panos Malahias is Guitarist, Composer, Guitar Teacher, Author. Arranger and Music Producer.
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